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Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 "Who I voted for..."

Is none of your business. I love that part about it. I could rant all day about one thing and then vote a completely different way. It's got so much sneaky potential. I love it. And i'm scandalous.

So at the polls though, they've got the left and right wing patriots handing out the straight ticket ballot. I take both for 3 reasons: a. It's polite. b. that way no one knows who you're voting for and c. I've done fundraising. I've worked at a job where you stand outside in cold, rain, snow, and heat (mostly heat cause i only lasted a week) trying to get people to listen to you about something you think is important. Do you even know how hard that is? And how it makes you feel when someone who sees you crosses the street so they don't have to look at you (if they look at you) and tell you no, or become uncomfortable because now they must ignore you? It hurts. Yeah, i only lasted a week. Contrary to popular belief, I have a heart and it can be bruised.

So i take both papers. The Republicans only put their two main people up there and to vote YES to the marriage thing. The Democrats took the liberty of filling it all in for you of what a straight ticket vote for them would look like. I hate straight ticket voters (unless by coincidence, of course).

So after choosing (who i think is) the lesser of two evils, I walk back outside and the boy scouts and the girl scouts are selling things. I'm a sucker for charity.

The following reasons explain why girls are better than boys:
Boy scouts- selling popcorn (in individual bags and in the tins)
Girl scouts- selling cookies and brownies and treats. Yum!

Boy scouts- (Set up) One mom, One dad, two little boys hitting each other
Girl scouts- (Set up) Two moms, two little girls, both holding signs that say "Girls Working!"

Boy scouts- (Sales pitch) Popcorn! Get some Popcorn!
Girl scouts- (Sales pitch) Would you like to have a delicious treat?

Boy scouts- (How much are you selling these things for?) Um... this is $1. Um... i guess this is $8? and that's $15.
Girl scouts- (How much are you selling these things for?) You may have anything on the table if you give a donation in any amount you chose.

Boy scouts- (I'll take that one for $1). Okay.
Girl scouts- (Do you have any chocolate chip cookies?) Oh, they are to !DIE for. We also have peanut butter, m&m, sugar cookies, cake and brownies. (I'll just take the chocolate chip). Here take these too. (But I only have a dollar to give and i'll feel like that's too much). Oh no, don't worry. Here. Please have them. (Okay thank you very much. I'm very excited about the cookies). You don't know how lucky you are! (Oh, but i'll find out in a minute).

See that? See what just happened? They were nice. Their pitch was better. They engaged the buyer. They were funny and cute. Boys are dumb.

So that's my voting experience. Funny how the part i blog about is everything but the actual voting. Anywho, off to eat a sandwich and then probably go to bed. Voting is exhausting!

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