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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Current-cy and Golfing

After spending a day copying/pasting past entries I feel a little less nervous about my life. Silly, huh? Anywho, So we've officially joined a country club and I'm an avid golfer*!

Last year, I decided I was going to be a ballerina and I did a pretty good job at it :) During that time, Jim was doing MMA training and although he loved it, he kept going back and forth on smoking cigarettes and felt like he wasn't training to his full potential while he was smoking, so he kind of stopped going. Once he stopped going, I kind of stopped going too. I figure, after having a baby and missing him so much (we didn't sleep in the same room for 6 weeks and he went back to work after the 1st 2) that we needed to change. He picked up golf again and I think that's great. He's really good at everything he does. It's almost annoying, but it makes me more proud than pissed. Unless we're playing pool. That makes me pissed.

Having a hobby is healthy and good. AND it made him feel guilty. Ha! So then he was trying to find me a hobby. Anything that I did that wasn't golf would be more time away from him and that wasn't an option. So... I just copycatted him. So I got a hat! And clubs! And of all my swings, I've gotten the ball in the air 40% of the time! So that's it!

For now. (I spent all week NOT posting that via note on fb and now that i've finally found the time to type it, I feel like i've left stuff out. ugg. Hopefully, I'll get better at this!)

*cart driver/rider