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Monday, May 31, 2010

4/2/10 - The Postpartum Chronicles: Bad Night"

Bad Night

So last night, guess who was wide awake from 10pm - 1am? After I got her to sleep, she got VERY uncomfortable and cried a lot. Even holding her, she’d only doze off for half a minute and then wake up looking terrified, jolt her arms and legs out, and scream again. Since yesterday, her feedings have started taking much longer. She’ll eat and then stiff lip us and go to sleep in your arms. She’ll even close her little gums so you can’t get the nipple past them. So then she sleeps and wakes up and is hungry again. Ultimately she’s taking in roughly the same amount (anywhere between 1oz and 3.25oz; with the average being 2.19585 in the last 36 hours. Yes. I did the math. Math is very concrete. Babies are not. So, surprisingly, math is comforting.) The tricky part is that it can take anywhere between 25 minutes to an hour and a half to get that much down. Then she’s hungry again about 2 hours from the starting time.

Now, we’re exclusively formula - I made the executive decision yesterday evening that it’s better for her if I’m not feeling bad about myself and my inconsistent milk production levels. (And I bought myself a sympathy oil of olay skin care regimen and a pair of non-maternity jeans (which make me feel good even IF they are a size 9...)) She gets the gentlelease which has 80% less lactose in it, but it does have iron. I was taking prenatal vitamins while breast feeding, so I assume she got some iron that way too and I’m not really sure if it’s the iron that makes her not poop. When she does poop, it’s not hard (consistency) but we have had a couple green poops (Google says this means: it could be iron, a lactose intolerance or just normal. That’s the must frustrating part. There are no real answers for ANYTHING!)

Anywho, in the last day she has pooped once every 12 hours. She only got the last poop out because mom did the Vaseline/q-tip stimulation. Otherwise, she’s just doing all the tell tale signs of trying to poop but not pooping. Grunting, crying, squishing her legs up to her chest. I was able to continue the shift of holding her, putting her down, holding her, feeding her, putting her down, etc until about 4am. At that point, I was exhausted and I got relief. Then relief got relief at 7am. And then I got up at 8. Anywho, will you tell me again what you did for gas and pooping? And are these things you did for a newborn?

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