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Monday, May 31, 2010

10/21/09 - "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Weeks 15 & 16"

Week 15:
Day 1- Ran painted my belly. I’m 33inches from my belly button around. (123.6)
Day 3- Miscarriage dream. Uck.
The rest of the days: forgot
Going to the moon this weekend!

Week 16:
I keep forgetting what I’ve complained about… Need travel notebook to write things down. Forgetting makes me angry, but I forget why...
Is there kicking yet? I don’t know. I think I feel movement, but it’s not a flutter, or spasm, or popcorn. Those things are described as so pleasant. These are more like pokey, “Hey, what’s the problem in there?” feelings. Getting fatter (126.0)

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