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Monday, May 31, 2010

4/17/10 The Postpartum Chronicles: Day 19

Day 19 (4/6/10 - If I don’t start doing this, I’m going to get really confused).

Morrison wore an outfit that wasn’t pink today :) I checked my stitches today because things were really itchy. Turns out there are interior stitches too, which i can see. The hole’s still there and i can see the thread (Mom said I can’t post what I told her it looked like, haha). That and healing has to be why it itches. Ugg. I still have stretch marks (i’m assuming permanently) on my boobs and butt but all of it’s still bathing suit hideable. Yep, hideable. Still having to use head and shoulders and the skin on my face and neck looks like puberty has hit again. My knuckles aren’t nearly as dry as they were and I weigh 138.4. I gained a pound (or two) since morning. oops!

At 10pm we had to enlist the help of that molly for poop. Mo’d been grunting and uncomfortable and making her poop face (yep! she’s got one!) but nothing had been happening. Not even gas. Finally, during the new 16 and pregnant (so we didn’t see the middle or end) she started to push out a playdoh poop. It was so hard that it kept breaking off. That poor little angel’s butt. We looked in her pediatrician’s book and it said if she had hard poop to call them. She finally worked that poop out (it took quite some time). I can’t imagine how uncomfortable she must be.

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