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Monday, May 31, 2010

4/18/10 - The Postpartum Chronicles: Days 20-21

Day 20 (4/7/10)

She fussed most of the night. We’re still in her room and only had to come out for the playpen vibrations once :) When I called the pediatrician’s this morning they said to nix the flax oil and add the karo syrup. Same amount - 1tsp per 4oz 1x daily - or 1/2tsp for a two ounce bottle. She said it could take a couple days to work. (And she said to 86 the flax because she isn’t sure if both will give her diarrhea). She fussed most of the day, BUT she sure is a sweet angel.

I took my car in to the vw dealership last night. I have an appointment at 10am tomorrow and it’s much easier to drop it off than to have anybody ready to do anything by 10am. Honestly. The other day I got her dressed up to go outside and we lost a sock before we even left her room. That’s the day where she just looked unimpressed with the weather and the wind. Then she threw up. lol I don’t like the wind either, mo.

Day 21 (4/8/10)

Mom took first shift last night! I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 4:30am. Babe’s gotta go to stafford to work today so I got to sleep upstairs with him in the air conditioning! I looked the notebook when I came downstairs. Looks like she at at midnight and then again at 2:30am, but not since. She’s all woombied up and makes a very peaceful caterpillar. Hopefully, mom got some sleep. I’ll check in with her when she wakes up :)

Last night was my first try at sleeping without a bra on. I’ve been wearing pads to soak up everything since she came out. (Speaking of, we’ve (there goes the collective “we” again..) decreased from super to regular!) I thought that since I stopped breastfeeding that everything would have dried up by now. Originally, when I’d go to change the breast pads (yep, you have to wear those too) they’d be heavy and squishy from having done their job. In the last few days they’d look the same as they did when I put them in so... I thought, what the hay. They’re probably done!


When you’re wearing a shirt with military rifles all over it, breastmilk doesn’t really make it look cool. Nothing says kickass LESS than a gun covered in mother’s milk.

...OR does nothing say kickass MORE? Move over, GI Jane.

Speaking of kickass, Morrison’s been alive for 3 weeks. Go team!
Lets recap her life shall we:
Can sleep in her room (of course we sleep in there too. lol)
Graduated from breastmilk to formula (If i say graduated it sounds more like an achievement and less like i quit)
Has slept for 4.5 hours in a row before
Has stayed fully awake for 3 hours before
Smiled on purpose for daddy
Not smiled on purpose for anything that molly or momma does
Poops between 1-2x per day with assistance
Has an innie
Still has hair
Outgrew two newborn outfits
Made her momma cry 5x
Survived 2 rookie mistakes
Countless other things I’m certain to have forgotten

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