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Monday, May 31, 2010

4/5/10 The Postpartum Chronicles: Day 18

So on the way to Walmart this morning (re: formula run) I was thinking that I had forgotten to talk about one of the perks of no longer being pregnant: Being alone. (or maybe I did tell you and forgot. Either way, here it goes (again?)) I know she couldn’t read my thoughts while she was in utero, but while you’re pregnant, you’re never really alone. Everything you do, everything you say, everywhere you go. It’s like the police song. Just less creepy. Anywho, afterward, when you go to lunch with your husband or baby daddy or whatever you have, it actually feels like a date. :) I like dates. And rest assured it’s not a “lonely” alone. It’s a good kind of alone. Like peace. Like, “huh. check that out,” aloneness. :) Of course, then you get that whole other type of worry with the baby outside of you. Before you pretty much knew where they were and what they were doing and you can feel every time they move. Now, you’re trying to decipher baby sounds like a windtalker. Does that mean food or diapee? Now instead of phantom rings, there are phantom cries.

Yes, I’m a grown woman and we say diapee. We also say paci, poopie, doo doo and pee pee.

I also noticed I use "we" a lot. I don't know if I mean her and me, him and her and me, mom and me or just my baby weight and me?
Welcome to my life.

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