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Monday, May 31, 2010

10/4/09 "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 14"

The SECOND Trimester:
Day 1 – 122.6 (Mom painted my belly today in what used to be my ballet clothes. Haha.)
Day 3- Called the doctor because I thought I had an appointment coming up soon, but wasn’t sure when it was. It was that morning. Oops! We rescheduled for Friday.
Day 4 – Got my first congratulations from work. My boss told her boss about the pregnancy (with my permission) to talk about maybe needing a temp in March. She was excited. Kinda made me excited too.
Day 5 – Makeup doctor’s appointment. Just listened to the heartbeat. Met one of the real doctors and he was nice enough. Took a while to find the heartbeat which made me pretty worried. But he found it. Crisis averted. Everything’s fine. (122.6) Got my first pair of maternity jeans. Went to old navy. Slacking maternity section. But they had a sweater sale. Also got some leggings and a slip from places in Wboro. Hoping that those things will help extend my wardrobe for winter. Jim felt bad because I get so frustrated about my clothes. I’m too fat (in all the wrong places) for actual clothes in sizes up from mine. I’m too skinny for maternity clothes (even the new jeans are big on me, but I figured it’d be an investment). So, he bought me stuff from oldnavy.com. We’ll see how things work when they get here. Totally helped my mood. (He’s so sweet).
Day 6 – Ran and Nathan came and we got doughnuts. What could be better?

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