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Monday, May 31, 2010

2/10/10 - "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 33"

Since week 30, there's not been a part of my body that hasn't hurt. Sure I waddle, but it's the only way to get around. It's impossible to walk correctly when you've got 30 pounds in front of you. You can't sit regular either. Good luck sitting with your legs closed. And God forbid you're sitting and THEN have to reach forward for something. Most of my pain has been in my right hip/butt/leg. Every step I take makes me wince. I've been getting a lot of "When's that baby coming out?" and "Wow, how long until you're due?" and "That baby has definitely dropped!" and "You're a lot slower than you used to be." lol. Duh! I've had a lot of trouble with word spelling. Meat, meet, there, their, they're, fully instead of full, buy, by, bye, etc.

I've been a sissy mary lately too. I cried today about my work not closing and feeling guilty for not going in and having to cancel my appointments. Also, the cry was mostly because I was livid. That's the quickest way to get me to cry. lol I got teary watching "a baby story" because she cried after the baby came out. It doesn't look that bad though. Labor, i mean. I can do that. I've never really been worried about that part. People have babies every single day. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I'm getting that line that goes from my belly button to the pubic bone too. My poor boobs look like victims of trauma and although they don't hurt at all, i feel bad for them. lol.

I have a lot of dreams about dance. Not about dancing really, but about a performance getting ready to begin and me not having learned any of the steps. Probably just baby-readiness anxiety. And probably completely normal. I wish i was having those sex dreams i read about though. No such luck.

My bosses boss is finally putting in for a temp for me :) so I won't have to feel guilty about that whole not working thing. I'm working toward filling out the FMLA paperwork but i honestly don't know when leave should start. I guess i assumed i'd just work until my water broke. Not sure how i'll feel about that in 7 weeks (or less). We've got a family history of babies coming early.

Jim's been the sweetest man ever. About me and my clothes not fitting, and taking care of man responsibilities for Mrs. Hanger. Her husband had a stroke and is still at UVA. They were finally able to drill into his skull to relieve some of the pressure and bleeding, and he's awake now (he had trouble with that before), but he's still, from what i know, paralyzed on the one side. He's gonna take her to the hospital today. One thing that I do know is that her kids are shit. A son came down for one day (not even a full 24 hours) and then went back up to NoVa. She's here in w'boro, by herself, unable to do a lot of things because she's an older lady and her POS children don't seem to be concerned with that. Jim got a card and a cake from her today. She says she's going to adopt him. :) You can't really have too many moms.

I'm drinking about 1000x more water than ever. I'd say 100x more, but I wasn't drinking any at first. Now i'm THIRSTY most of the time. Not just thirsty, but THIRSTY. Like my whole body might implode if i don't drink something that instant. Like i want to just hold the water in my mouth while i'm brushing my teeth. THIRSTY. Like death is the result of not drinking at that moment.

I have trouble turning my brain off at night. Only in the last two nights have i slept a total of more than 5 hours. And I think that's it. Did I already mention constant pain?

"Even better, you should consider buying one of those full-length body pillows that are sold in a million catalogs these days...It felt magnificent, but it created a barrier between my husband and me in the bed that would have required helium to ascend. My husband referred to my giant pillow as my "boyfriend," and I actually named it, "Phil"...The one difficulty about my relationship with "Phil" was the difficulty "we" had when I wanted to turn over. First I would hurl myself from one side to the other, then I would grab Phil with both arms and both legs and flip it over with me, much like an alligator wrestler might do. It invariably shook the bed so violently that my husband nearly fell out and the comforter would land somewhere halfway across the room..." (Excerpt from The Girlfriends' Guide To Pregnancy: Or everything your doctor won't tell you (by Vicki Lovine (and highly recommended by me))).

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