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Monday, May 31, 2010

9/13/09 "The Pregnancy Chronciles: Definitely Week 11"

I haven’t even written anything yet and it’s already Friday. Aside from not smoking (which sucks terrible awful really bad horrible) this week has been easy. I’m not getting fat as fast because the not smoking, for whatever reason, translates to not stuffing my face. It's either that I used to be eating to smoke or smoking sped up my metabolism and made me hungry sooner or that I’m too scared to eat because every time I do, I want to smoke real bad. Either way, I’m not starving to death (don’t worry). I’m going to try to rush the regular nicotine patch agenda since I’m trying to be off the patch by week 20. Week 20 is like the marker where if you quit by, everything can turn out like a non-smoker. That gives me 9 more weeks. I’m thinking 4 weeks of Step 1 and 5 weeks of Step 2. That’s my plan anyway. By this post, I’ve made it through 5 days.
Um… not a long going on this week.
We bought a scale today! My home scale says I’m 120-120.4. I weighed myself twice, but in between that Jim tripped over it and shook it up a bit (which I assume is the cause of the difference because Ruxbin gained weight too… He’s between 5.8 and 6, haha)
I feel less tired this week. I bought a bra too! I’m 34C because they don’t sell 32s in the store. (What’s super fun is if it’s padded a little bit, I need a D. Boobs are so fun!)

In other news this week: I’ve got the beginnings of a very fashionable happy trail and had my first run in with extreme boob pain from chasing Ruxbin. Yay, pregnancy. Ugh.
(FOR THE RECORD: Jim lives in a world where girls don’t fart. It’s a fantasy that I let him have. So, regardless of what the books say about gas creation and inability to control it, it doesn’t/won’t happen to me. Because I’m a girl. And because Jim needs his fantasies. Just read the books if you’re curious about what happens to other people.)

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