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Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday, August 22, 2009 "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 8 or 9?"

I went to Target today to get a maternity bra. I’ve been researching this and they’re only slightly different from nursing bras, but very different if you are not nursing. I looked in Walmart previously, and was disappointed. (I kind of expect that from Walmart, though. Like a trade for low prices…) Then, I go to Target! I’m going to get a bra, underwear, and black and beige pants I can wear to work. I’m excited because the bras I have now are poking me in the sternum and I don’t like it. So I get there, and granted, I don’t know what size I am. I know what size I started. 32 C. (I know it sounds all glorious, but technically, it’s similar to a 34 B.) So anyway, (I told you TMI) I go into the store and find the two rows of maternity/nursing bras. (I googled the difference the other day. There’s not much.) So there it is. And sure there was one swanky looking one. I was looking for beige. I figure I’d start at 32C and try on some 34 Bs, 34Cs until I figured out where I am. (I used to work at Victoria’s secret so I know how to measure people, but I don’t have one of those soft tape measures anymore…)

So here’s where we hit the problem. There are 36s, 38s, 40s, 42s. Wait a second. Where’s all the real sizes? No way does every pregnant woman goes from her normal size to pregnancy size right away. Skinny people get pregnant too. I’ve seen it. I’m irritated instantly. Then we (yeah, Jim was there, and probably the reason why I didn’t cry) walked over to the maternity section. The only work pants I have that fit are the ones that are heel length and there’s no way I’m doing that. So we get there. Jim says, “I think you have to have a bump to wear this stuff.” “Well, I’m not fat,” I say, “I’m pregnant. I need maternity pants.” “Maybe you’ll just have to buy the size up until you have the bump,” he says. Unacceptable. Not that I’m an expert on pregnancy (because I’m not), but I’m pretty certain people don’t go from not looking pregnant to looking pregnant. I’m pretty sure people gradually get fat (regardless of everyone’s announcement that they just exploded, etc.) Also, skinny people get pregnant too. There should be sizes to fit everyone. Yeah, there are online sizes, but I can’t try them on online and I don’t know which one will fit.

At the time, I was livid. I didn’t want to get any of the other stuff we were supposed to get. I’m hard headed that way. “Oh. You don’t have this? Fine. I don’t want anything. For the rest of my life.” perfect example.

So I get home with psi-bands for motion sickness. I hadn’t put them on yet, because during the day is usually when I feel the most nauseated. That night I felt the worst I’d ever had so far. I wanted to cry. And throw up. And cry more. But I didn’t do either. And it was terrible. I was just on the verge of both. Awful.

And what’s weird is the next day, I felt the best I’ve felt this whole time. I wasn’t tired or terrible nauseated (thanks, Psibands) and everything was fine! And I pooped. For the first time in, I don’t know, a week? (Which is why I need new pants in the first place. I look 4 months pregnant from poop. The baby’s only the size of a raspberry.)

Also this week, there was a bat in the house and I almost got lice. (Don’t worry, we killed the bat and I’m allowed to use Lice shampoos if I do get it.) Jim had me call the people to ask about the bat. He googled it and you can get rabies if there’s one in your house. Our lady said we needed to call the health department about that. I’m figuring, it’s a long shot we’d have rabies.

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