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Monday, May 31, 2010

10/31/09 - "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 18"

Week 18:
Gee-OH-Dee, do I miss sleeping on my back. :( We had an appointment yesterday and there is still a heartbeat. I’m officially 129 pounds, which is 11 pounds more than when we started this. The doctor thinks I’m doing okay because I started off at a “normal” weight. We get to see JAC on the 20th of November.
We officially have a puppy. A lot of people have said that we’re brave and/or crazy for getting a puppy while we’re pregnant. The premise was this: Ruxbin’s lonely. He’ll be even lonelier when JAC comes. So he needs a friend as much as Jim needs a puppy. Lol, maybe it wasn’t Jim who needed her. Anywho, Lola is great. She’s a hellfire for sure. Ruxbin doesn’t like her yet. He’s never been with a puppy before and she wants to get him and he just runs around scared. She, however, isn’t scared of him in the least. She takes his bone. Bites his ankles, and cries. Lol. We all slept in the bed last night. I woke up so many times to check on her (she matches our comforter and she’s small so I was scared she’d get lost/crushed/etc) that I just started hoping that each time I woke up, it’d be a reasonable time to actually get up, because I was tired of going back to sleep for an hour. Welcome to baby land. She’s gone to the bathroom 4 or 5 times, EACH time on her puppy pads. What a good girl!
I’m officially in the painful part of the pregnancy with the poking and stretching and ouching. Almost half way there! Did I tell you that I miss sleeping on my back? :(

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