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Monday, May 31, 2010

3/30/10 "The Postpartum Chronicles: Day 12"

Well we had a full day! We got up, got everything together, and made it to a doctor's appointment ON TIME. There should be medals for that. The doctor says she's 6.15 pounds which is 7 ounces more than she was last week. He's very impressed with this and commended me :) wee! When she was naked though she peed and stopped and we got her on the scale where she released a good bit of the rest, then we got her off the scale and she proceeded to continue to pee (I've never actually seen her pee. I've seen her poop, but just not pee) on the blanket Tia got her. lol. oops! At least we remembered to take a blanket (actually 2) this time. What we DID forget to bring was another change of clothes. We failed to plan for the inevitable. lol. No worries, we didn't need them :)

So, then the answer to every question I had was, "She's gaining weight, so it's not a problem." Pooping only 2x per day? She's gaining weight, so it's not a problem. Gagging, and throw up? Not a problem if it's not consistent. For the other questions the answers were, "Since her belly button's gone, she can have a tub bath. I think soaking in the water will do her some good" (Q: fingernail/cuticle infection), and "That's a lot of work for a little bit of milk." (Q: Formula choice suggestions?)

He's the only pediatrician I've ever encountered who thinks it's more trouble than it's worth (for ME, specifically) to breastfeed. He's concerned with my sleep (although I DID wear concealer!) and although supports my decision to continue trying to get SOME milk into the mix by going half and half, thinks that me having to take something to do it is a lot of trouble. I don't think it's any trouble. I really want her to have the benefits of it. Even if she only gets half the benefits. I hope she gets the good half!

Then we went on our 1st! Major Outing! (It's technically the second major outing, but I really don't feel like putting "You went to the verizon store so mommy could get a droid" in her baby book. Sooo, "You went to see Daddy at his work today!" She pooped while we were there. I changed her on the conference room table. Apparently, not that I was looking because i was changing a diaper, the look on babe's face when i slapped that crappy diaper down on the conference table was that of sheer disgust and awe. LOL Apparently people eat there. Like everyday.

Meh, just clorox wipe it. ha!

Then, daddy took us to Friday's! We left home at 10:30am. We got home at 3:45pm. I thought I might die from exhaustion. I pumped again (2oz from each breast! Could it be the fenugreek?!) and had a nap. That Molly (my mom) is the BEST. I hope Morrison says that about me some day :D

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