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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday, October 19, 2006 "Like I always say"

So two seconds ago, i was invited to a party at Nicole's house the weekend after halloween. Which means: I get to be Wonder Woman Twice! Wearing the shoes twice is pretty much paying for them in full. I'm pretty stoked. So add that SPOOKleberry (Yes, Putie, you can steal that if you want) party to my list. My weekends are booked until 2007. Oh, and then they're booked because I signed up for Spring classes. Psychology of the Victim and Police Psychology. Pretty exciting, eh?

Kashi Kharma day 4: I got off work on time today. I got home by 4:45. I had a nap. I talked to Bethany on the phone. I laughed really hard today. I took a bath. Miranda may have the flu and if she gives it to me, well, then i can't go to work. These are all very good things. Apparently it takes a while for the Kashi to sink into your psyche, but whatever. It must be working now!

There's no flow to this blog. There's no common theme. But anyway, this morning in the "dense fog" (that's what weather.com called it) I was trying to read the sticker on the back of someone's car. When we finally got to the stoplight i, very sleepy eyed, couldn't seem to make out what the ribbon said. Yeah it was one of those support ribbons. Sometimes though, they say things you don't expect like "Support Stripping" so it's always important to read them. And i was squinting and trying really hard. And it was so unclear. H____ __ ____er. Hm... H_____ __ Forever! Oh that one's forever. Still squinting.. Oh come on, what does this say? Her_es __ Forever. Herpes is forever? true. But why does that deserve a ribbon? I guess if strippers get a ribbon then herpes can to. Then i got it. Not herpes, fools. What it said. It wasn't herpes. It was heroes. which did not impress me. What did impress me is how herpes and heroes are only one letter different. How could i have not noticed that before?! So that's what i'm gonna start saying. Like when people through in random wisdom that doesn't fit. You know what they say! Two in the hand... Well i'm gonna switch it up.

Like I always say: There's only a one letter difference between heroes and herpes.

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