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Monday, May 31, 2010

4/14/10 - The Postpartum Chronicles: Day 27

Day 27 - Doctor’s Appointment
So we went in because she’s still not pooping on her own. She got her little insurance card (that you think should be the size of one of those key-chain discount cards, but isn’t) and we gave that to the people. She’s officially 8 pounds 6 ounces which is more than the recommended weight gain. The doctor liked it. He checked her belly and says that he didn’t feel any hardness in there (which is good) and then he did a rectal exam. With his pinky. All the way to the middle knuckle. Oof. Needless to say she was all like “What the cookie?!” and cried. He said she doesn’t have any webs in there (apparently that’s a thing that can be in there that’ll stop the poop, but that she does have a small rectum (not anymore, i bet). Here’s our new regimen:

Karo - 1 teaspoon in 2-4 bottles per day
Milk of Magnesia - 2.5ml once per day
Apple Juice - 1 ounce in 2 ounces of water (optional)

What he says is that her body needs to hold more water in her intestines because that softens up the poop. That’s why the milk of magnesia and juice have been suggested - because the MOM makes you hold water in your intestines and the juice has indigestible parts that will bulk her poop up. He’s not terribly concerned, but definitely wants her pooping on her own. She’s gained weight though, so she’s still doing fine otherwise.

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