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Monday, May 31, 2010

9/27/09 "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 13"

Week 13 AKA "The Safety Zone" - Miscarriage free since '83!
Day 1- 123.8
Day 2- 118.6 Ha! It’s important to post the weight so you can see how crazy weight is for girls. I’d say that my scale is broken, but I’ve seen people cry over the extra 5 pounds before and like that this shows how you can gain/lose so much in a day. YOU go by how your pants fit, not the number. I go by the number BECAUSE none of my pants fit. Ha!
Day 3- 120.2
Day 4- I’ve been trying to feel him in there. Normally, I’d think it was too early. They usually say it starts after 16weeks. We’re at 13. But when you’re skinny, you can feel it sooner. And the nurse was surprised that I couldn’t yet. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m feeling for. Jim says it’ll be like gas pains but deeper (I’m assuming it’s from his book or girls at his job). My books say it’ll be like a flutter. I don’t know what a flutter feels like. 119.6 in the beginning of the day; 122.4 at the end.
Day 5-6 – I totally forgot to post. Oops! Guess nothing major’s going on! (123.4)

In other news this week: I get my feelings hurt a lot. Not because people are hurting my feelings, but things on tv, the news, things people could have said to me pre-pregnancy… cry baby alert!

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