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Monday, May 31, 2010

4/5/10 - The Postpartum Chronicles: Days 16-17

Day 16
Here’s how we’re doing on day 16:

Morrison: She Pooped yesterday (picture posted!) and we were so excited that I put it on the internet with a thank you note. (“We” might be a little crowded. “I” was excited. lol) And from the notes, it looks like she pooped early this AM too! Way to go, Mo! She’s doing the 1tsp flax oil per day and the gas drops. We never had any luck with the gas drops early on, BUT we’re willing to give them a second go round and have just been putting them in each bottle just in case they do work. lol

Her scabs from the hospital bracelet are still there, but clearing up. Her belly button’s gone, but we’re still alcohol-ing the little bit of scab that’s left there. Once I get the wii fit plus, i’ll be able to tell you how much she weighs :) but she still seems to be growing (our next appt is April 22). She had her first tub bath last night and liked it (or at least didn’t hate it). And we started infant massage last night and she didn’t hate that either. There are many benefits to infant massage. :) You should google it. Anywho, I think we’ll start doing that every night because she slept really well after it.

That woombie that babe’s work gave us is a dream! I’m usually opposed to swaddling because I don’t like that their arms aren’t free if they need them, but I’ll tell you what: As soon as we zipped her up and buttoned her in, she was out. And she looks like a caterpillar in it. (His work is so awesome).

Her little finger nails still look infected on the sides, but it’s not terribly concerning at this point.

She officially has eye lids. For a while she didn’t really have folds for eye lids. It just kind of looked like she had lashes coming out of no where (about 5 lashes per eye, lol). NOW she’s got lids for eyeshadow! and maybe 30?! lashes per eye! Way to work it, girl!

Me: My postpartum eczema is still around, but is less intense. I don’t think my knuckles have bled in a few days! Significant improvement! It still feels like i might be able to sand some table corners though.

I’m still leaking, but we’ve decreased from “overnights” to “super.” Super. lol Technically my hemorrhoid is STILL there, but less. Who knew it’d take so freaking long to get rid of those?! It’s not irritating though. It hasn’t been since I had her. Definitely a pressure thing. I shaved my legs! (well from the calf down, lol) which I hadn’t done since.. Fall?

I stopped breastfeeding/pumping. It’s made a world of difference in my mood. No more wondering how much I’ll make and if it’ll be enough. No more hiding in the baby’s room pumping (or sitting on the couch and pumping - depending on who’s at the house) while everyone else gets to love on her. I’ll take the pain of not breastfeeding over being unhappy any day. Yes, there’s pain. Like the insides of your boobs have been replaced with billiard balls. Did you know I could drink if i wanted to? I didn’t even get to use those alcohol test strips! I can also eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m not! It’s liberating!

I get about 7 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Sometimes 2 and 5. Sometimes 3 and 4. Sometimes less. Since yesterday I’ve had a headache which I assume is from lack of sleep or hormones.

I weigh 136.6 today (although it fluctuates about 2-3 pounds during the day) and I’ll try to get the post-mo-tum picture up today so you can see. Most of the weight that I notice is on my belly (obviously), my thighs and my hips. My thighs and hips don’t even let my waist get to TRY to fit into my old pants. lol. That’s why we got the new pair.

I haven’t looked at my tear lately, so I’m not sure how that’s doing. I’m trying to keep myself away from it so I don’t worry about it so much.

Day 17: Easter
So during the first shift (which begins anywhere between 10-11:30 and ends when I give up) she decided to eat off an on from 10-1am. Normally, she’ll eat, sleep then wake up an eat. This time it was eat, doze, eat, doze, eat, doze, eat. When I finally got her asleep and put into bed I turned the vibrations on. Success! I finally got to lay down for sleep. I’m a terrible sleeper, as you already know, so when the 30 minute vibration turned off, I hesitated to see if she would stay asleep. She started stirring so I was on that button with a quickness. And nothing.

It stopped working. I pushed and pushed and pushed and she started squirming and squeaking and I pushed the music button and that worked. I pressed vibrations again and nothing. Light worked. Second light worked. No vibration. And then she woke up.

If the war on terror was against the people who made the faulty vibrations button, I’d support it. And that brings us to! my “cry number 5”. lol Not long after, I woke Jim up. He says she went to sleep about ten minutes after he relieved me. I assume that it works this way every time I end the first shift. I’m not bitter or anything.

BUT I slept for 7 hours :) and woke up withOUT a headache (the first time in 3 days). Happy Easter to me! Although short term, sleep is always a good gift idea :)

Auntie Linda and Uncle Tucker came to see Morrison today! She had on her bunny feet outfit (thanks to the mother (and current host) of Ian Foster Carter!). She effectively slept ALL day. Crap.

Mom went to take a nap at 7pm in preparation for the dreaded First Shift. Upon making a bottle around 9pm, I noticed that we needed more formula. There was no way we were going to make it through the night with what was left. Steve babysat Mo so that I could make a mad dash to Walmart at 11pm (yay for 24 hour walmarts!) JUST to realize that during their renovation, they have actual store hours. They close at 10pm now. No soup for you.

That brings us to: Rookie Mistake #2 - Running out of formula. Mom managed to hold her off until I could make the trip when they opened. I suggest you buy the cans in twos. Just in case.

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