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Monday, May 31, 2010

9/20/09 - "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 12"

Day 1- The patch came off in the shower this morning. I felt okay about it, so I figured I’d see how long I could go before I needed to put it on. Things were going smoothly in general. Until postsecret. I read it and sucked it up because my boss came in my office and wanted to talk about stuff. Then we had to go in her office because she needed computer help. She asked me how things were going and I told her about the patch and she was nervous for me, but I still felt fine about it. And then I told her I felt emotional and started crying right there. I explained that I read a thing on post secret and it was sad and my reaction to it was probably the baby’s fault or the absence of the patch’s fault and I felt like I was crazy and apologized. She told I should probably hold off on postsecret until after the hormones. I told her it was terrible and it was. I had to pee. I cried in the bathroom too. Wtf. The day goes on and I’m distracted and I put the patch on straight away after the crying. Then on the way home, I thought about postsecret again and it made me just as upset. And then when I got home, poor noodleloo didn’t get why I was crying, but licked my nose and punched in the face (unfortunately, our usual home-from-work routine). I’ve decided that I’m not crazy or too hormonal or in need of nicotine. I’ve decided that what I read just happens to be the saddest thing I’ve ever read in my life. So I’m banning postsecret. Until 6 months postpartum. Take that! (Me: 121.2; Ruxbin: 6.0)
Day 2- I sneeze a lot. I’ve sneezed during this whole thing. I hardly ever sneezed before. And a wonderful thing happened today. My hip has lubricated itself to prepare for birth and has slid in and out of socket all day. I have a limp now. Sweet. (Me: 120.4; Ruxbin: 5.8) (hahaha, Me after 2 drumsticks: 120.8)
Day 3- Relapsed today. Back on the patch tomorrow. (Me: 120.8; Ruxbin: 5.4)
Day 4- Or tomorrow…
Day 5- Day 1 back on the patch. We see a doctor today! I’ll let you know how it goes It’s a boy. Dr. Helmbrecht says that there’s a 95% chance that he’s a boy because the white line on the sonogram that shows the organs that either make up the penis or the clitoris/labia was pointing out (which means boy) instead of down (which means girl). It took a long time to get the picture clear enough because he wouldn’t stop sitting upside down with his butt in the air. He also had the hiccups which apparently, in utero, shoot you up like a rocket. Met with the geneticist and she said that JAC’s got less than 1 in 10,000 chance of having down syndrome and trisomy 13/18 because he has a nasal bone and something about some neural tube and my bloodwork. Either way, her point was, we seem pretty healthy.
Day 6- (118.0) Day 2 on the patch. Attempt at nap: failure. Attempt at cleaning: failure. Lazy all day.

In other news: remember when I got stung by that bee in early pregnancy? I think the stinger’s still in my foot. Is that bad?

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