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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday, January 04, 2007 - "I spend more time looking at my profile..."

Than i do at anyone else's. Unless there's something to read, of course. Blog, people. Blog.

So, lots of stuff has (or have... is stuff plural? i think so. it should be have) happened since the last blog. I tried to blog them, but Cox are cocks. Here's the shortened version:

-Ruxbin almost died of a benadryl overdose. Administered by me. Hey, I DIDN'T know and he DIDN'T die. Get off my back!

-Speaking of, i got a massage. I found out that (a) those are not bones, they are knots (b) I have tendinitis in my left elbow (c) my posture is awful (d) i do not do ONE single healthy thing and (e) massages are expensive. oh and (f) you hurt for two days after, like you worked out or something, but you didn't. Refer to (d).

-Jim Cole is a Godsend. And my job is soon to no longer suck as bad -ish.

-I got out of paying the late fee for rent and business men don't like it when you do victory dances.

-School starts next week! My books came in the mail.

-I got $100 from rent.com for finding my apartment on the website.

-Ruxbin can almost SIT. I know. they grow up so fast when they aren't dead. Isn't it sweet?

-I got a pedicure and my toes are officially "No Regrets".

-For the past two nights I've gone to bed by 8pm.

-I had a dream AND remembered it. It included a hierarchy of dogs/cats/hamsters and a flood. All my clothes were ruined and i woke up late. I had nothing to wear and a meeting at 9am. Panic stricken. My mom didn't care. No one cared that I was not going to make it to my only shot at getting out of my craphole. I woke up for real, hyperventilating. Don't worry, i made it to my meeting. Everything was fine. Refer to "Jim Cole is a Godsend."

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