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Monday, May 31, 2010

September 6, 2009 "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 10 or 11?"

I was irritated today. At most people. Usually for the reasons I’m regularly irritated. (It’s a pet peeve of mine when people talk during trainings, when people hog the entire conversation, when people equate loudness with intelligence, etc.) And when there was a 10 minute delay from waiting in line to get food at the conference, I could have cried. BUT I didn’t. haha.
Speaking of crying, I didn’t cry for Mooman. She’s our cat (Steph’s cat) that mom took in and the vet said needed to be put down. She was like a million. Most of us saw it coming. Stephanie told me I was the most insensitive pregnant woman she’d ever met because I gave her a little crap via telephone. I’m pretty sure I would have ragged on her even if I was pregnant. Haha steph!
In other steph news, she’s picked a dress for the wedding. For those of you who don’t know, STEPH’S GETTING MARRIED! On the 1st of May. Which, during the last appointment, is a little over 1 month after my due date… Commence fear now. How’m I gonna fit into the dress? The original dress she picked was going to be tricky for sure. It was fitted from the top to the underwear line (all the places I’m growing). The new dress is just boobs though, which I think we can handle. Crisis averted. It’ll still be funny having to get fitted. Mom says to just go for a 5/6. I wonder what the ladies will think when I walk in there all ballooned and say that. Hahaha.
We had the appointment this week. I’m officially at week 10. Wednesday was day 3 of week 10 so I figure I’ll need to post these things on Sundays to be accurate. Now, I’m due on March 28, 2010. When we went in to day, we didn’t get to hear the heart beat, but we did get to see some floppy little legs that made me laugh a lot. It was really cute. I still think this whole thing is gross though.
Jim officially quit smoking yesterday. Irritability? Check. But, I say he’s doing an awesome job. Because I’m irritable, and I still get to smoke. Until 9-9-09. I’m going on the patch then. I know, who knew you could? I’ve read conflicting research for both sides of the issue, but my OB practice is for high risk pregnancies (I happened to like one of the doctors) and if they say it’s okay, then the risk must be minor. Can’t be much worse than what I’m doing now.

In other news this week: Mom went to the OB appt (see her photos, haha), I got a cold sore, and I had a case of a hangover that I didn’t even earn. I have also been getting really pissy. Fun, huh?

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