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Monday, May 31, 2010

Friday, May 18, 2007 "The upside to anguish"

Sometimes in life a thing happens and changes your direction. Your focus switches (with the approval of peers, in my case) to a more important issue. You're thrown off base and off course and sometimes upside down. The ability to cope with this is your own. Own your resiliancy. Make it work for you. Do what you need to do for the cause. Even if it means sacrificing everything you thought was important. Opinions change. Choose the wrench. Cause, Fuck him, that's why.

Perspective is the only thing that counts. Here are GOOD some things that have happened since i've not been at work and no, "not being at work" is not one of them. I know, weird huh? Usually that'd be right at the top.

-My friends are the most amazing ever. I guess you never really know unless you test them. This is not a test, but the consideration, the extra work they've taken on, the time they've given up, the reassurance that my role is important here...well, i can't even begin to express my appreciation for that.

-Time with Ruxbin. Is exhausting, but he loves me and he loves that i'm home all day.

-There is coffee constantly.

-My boobs "grew." I went to Vickies to get a new bra because i thought they had shrunk (and because my sister made fun of the sad shape the bra I was wearing was in). There was this gap where fabric met skin and i was a little down about it, but figured, "eh." I made the lady measure me and then I tried on the 32 B's. I used to be 34 B. erg. Anyway, I tried it on and there was this crease near my armpit. It made me look fat. It was pretty gross, to say the least so i get the lady and said, What is this? This is gross. And she goes, "the cup's too small." What what what! "let's try the 32 C's" Yippee! C! So I tried it on and it's perfect! wee! Now I used to work at Victoria's Secret and I understand that 34B and 32C is sort of interchangeable. The number is the length around you and the letter is the size of the cup. If you up the number, you down the cup and if you down the number, well then you UP THE CUP. And even though I understand the mechanics of bras and boobs because I used to do it, i'm still happier it says C.

-I got to sleep in the same bed as steph like when we were little. It was like a sleepover.

-School excused my absence from an entire weekend. There are only 4 weekend's of the class so technically i've missed 1/4 of the class and it was excused by the Forensic Psychology Chair. This means i don't have to do an extra semester because i'm still on track.

-My uncle and I spent quality time watching Dr. Phil and he got hooked.

-Cakes and casseroles galore.

-I've seen family that i haven't seen in a while. I love them.

So anyway, there are good things to find in everything. Things that make you happy. Things that awe you. The rainbow in the storm. Perspective is everything, people. Try it in your own life. What are you thankful for? What good thing can you find in today?

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