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Monday, May 31, 2010

10/25/09 - "The Pregnancy Chronicles: Week 17"

Week 17:
I slept so well after court. For like 11 hours a night for 3 nights. And now, I can’t sleep. I’ve been working more and work has been more hectic, so maybe it’s that. I woke up last night with extreme hip pain on both sides. Sleeping with that body pillow is so hard to do. I’m really going to miss sleeping on my back.

Jim says if I can’t sleep I should just touch his privates and maybe that would help. He’s so thoughtful…

Jim came up with an actual idea to: There’s this trick where you wedge a pillow sort of under and against your back. Then I put my “old lady pillow” between my knees. Not so bad. I’m sleeping better! …Could be because the workweek from hell is over.

Day 6: I got the H1N1 vaccine today. We waited in a very long line (like concert line long) for 2 hours in the rain. Then this d-word behind us told the volunteer that there was no way he was waiting in line for 2 hours not to get the shot. His daughter was school-aged, so she gets it (priority). His wife said her doctor told her she (the mom) had to get it too… even though she’d recently had swine flu. Wtf? Now we can be certain that two children or pregnant women who waited LONGER than the 2 hours we waited IN THE RAIN will NOT get the vaccine because of those douche bags. They go on my list of people who deserve a good punch to the throat. When we finally got in, the lady who gave me my shot may have made it less painful if she’d just vaccinated me with a roll of wrapping paper. It couldn’t have been any less than the circumference of that needle. My arm still hurts. When I got the regular flu shot, I didn’t feel a thing. No wonder all those kids were screaming and being held down. They were right. It WAS that bad. Lol.

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