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Monday, May 31, 2010

3/25/10 "Labor and Delivery: Parts 1 & 2"

Ahh. It's time for the long awaited L&D post. I may have to complete this in parts because I don't get very much time (and in the time I do get, eating, sleeping trump blogging). Don't worry, I've already constructed an outline so that I don't forget things.

Part 1: Water Breaks
So I left work early on Wednesday. I finished everything I needed to and had been in a fog most of the day. Jim met me at work and we had a date at Riverside. :) Afterward, I went back to work and then promptly went home to nap. Post nap, Jim came home and mom had made linguine and clams (totally delicious). I got my plate from downstairs and had a bite on the way upstairs. Set my plate down, and had to pee. Peeing is one of the constants that come at any time during pregnancy. So I peed and as I was walking out of the bathroom I started leaking. Leaking is also a constant during pregnancy, so I did an underwear check and it just looked wet. No color, no consistency. Just wet. So I cleaned up and got a little nervous. I popped my head out of the bathroom to mom and said, "how do i know if my water broke?" "Are you serious?" she asked. "I don't know. Stuff came out." She came in and looked and then came some more. Ugg, that's it. My water broke (about 5pm). So we 86'd my pants and mom and jim went outside to smoke. Before she went out, I sat on the toilet and she brought me my cigarettes. Yep, I've smoked the entire pregnancy. I tried to quit, but my sanity holds to be much more important than the risks. Judge not, lest ye be judged. :P

After that I walked out of the bathroom sporting a towel like a diaper over my underwear, but under my little dress (which i had worn as a shirt that day... that's how little). It's funny to picture. Jim was running around insane asking me what I needed. He packed his stuff (Mom, Morrison, and I already had bags packed) and then we got in the Envoy. I called shotgun on my wet waddle to the car. Oh, I forgot that during the very funny frenzy everyone else was in, I changed my FB status and chatted with my dad to let him know what had happened. lol

Part 2: Hospital
So we got to the hospital and Jim dropped us off at the Cardwell Center door and drove off to find parking. Little did we realize that after 5:30pm they stop the valet AND that door is locked. So I waddled with my towel thong, tiny dress lifted and underwear and butt cheeks exposed to the side door. There were a lot of people there. I got a lot of confused looks and one "Good Luck!" lol. Probably my classiest moment of all time.

We get upstairs and Dr. Helmbrecht is there. I say hi! My water broke! and he laughs at my current state. We get checked into a room and they set me up with pee pads and monitors. What i didn't' know is that when your water breaks, it keeps coming. There's no end. You keep making and losing the fluid. You don't get to stop leaking. No one told me that. lol. They checked my dilation and my cervix was high (far up in there) and 1cm. A few hours later Dr. T came in and checked again. Nothing new. No pain though. We were still on easy street. He decided he wanted to move my labor along and placed a capsule known as cydotek (sp) to soften and dilate my cervix some more. Apparently, you put the pill right on the cervix. No labor today. So long St. Patrick's day baby :(

Family came! I had tons of people, I had on my "pretty pushers" gown (which i ended up modeling for the nurse's station), and I hadn't eaten. Cut to the pringles photo. Yes, there was still not an ounce of pain at this point. Later the pill started working and i got some pretty severe menstrual cramps. Mind you, I would have considered those "severe" before I gained a new perspective on pain...

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